My Million Dollar View

I wrote this while enjoying the morning on Cinder Lake…

My eyes crack open in the still dark morning, my body wrapped up in my sleeping bag.  I’m well rested and ready to start my day.  Sleeping outside seems to give me the best nights sleep I can possibly get.  I roll over and check my watch, still a half hour before sunrise.  The dew drops fall from the tent fly as I unzip the door to poke my head out.  The sight before me is worth a million dollars.  Its the early morning twilight and heavy fog blankets the lake my campsite is on.  The dense white cloud moves slowly along the mirror-like lake.  I take my first breath of the fresh crisp air, exhaling a steamy cloud.  I pull myself out of the tent and fumble to get my shoes on.  I walk to the edge of the water to watch the sun rise over the tall pines, standing like great pillars along the opposite lake shore.

I sit in silence, hearing the occasional Loon call off in the lake.  The sun slowly creeps up and fills the sky with its yellow glow.  The beaming sun is warm on my face and starts to burn away the chill of the night with its incandescence.  A new day has started here in the forest with certain adventure ahead.  I cup the cool lake water with my hands and wash away the sleep from my face before sitting back down on the great slab of rock.   There is nothing quite like a calm lake in the morning.

If I could, I would start everyday like this.  Rising to natures beauty and hearing birds rather than an alarm clock.  Taking my time to watch the sunrise rather than dash to eat breakfast and get out the door.  Listening to the gentle breeze through the trees rather than the local radio morning show.  Starting a morning fire rather than punching a time-card.  Carving lake water with a paddle rather than using a wrench to fix a broken truck.  This is my happy place, my sanctuary, my tranquility.  This is my million dollar view.



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