Project “Roughin’ It” Part 3 – On The Road

The camper is all finished with repairs / renovations.  She isn’t perfect but its a camper and will see alot of wear and tear.  It felt like it took forever to do all the work but was so worth it to get it out camping.  This little camper is going to get some miles on her this summer, lots of camping plans ahead of us.

Our repair / reno work consisted of:

  • Repair section of rotten wood floor
  • Install new interlocking laminate flooring
  • Paint cabinets
  • New cabinet hardware
  • New mini bar fridge as 3-way fridge was toast
  • Repairs to the propane system (now only running it for the furnace)
  • Resealed canvas
  • New curtains and valance (thanks to Mrs. Squatch)
  • New bedding covers
  • Installed a cassette toilet and custom built cabinet

She is also equipped with some neat extras now like a TV / DVD setup (for the kids at bedtime), and microwave.  My little truck pulls it nicely and we have room inside to spare.

​It was nice to get out over the weekend and take things easy.  Lots of relaxing, enjoying campfires, eating outdoors, a bit of mountain biking…… everything that is great about camping.  A summer of adventure awaits!



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