Review: Nova Craft Fox

I had my eye on the new Nova Craft Fox 14′ solo boat since it was announced for the 2017 model year.  I daydreamed about it while happily paddling my 16′ Prospector all summer.  After having the Prospector out in some big wind and on a solo trip with portaging, I decided that a lighter […]

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My Million Dollar View

I wrote this while enjoying the morning on Cinder Lake… My eyes crack open in the still dark morning, my body wrapped up in my sleeping bag.  I’m well rested and ready to start my day.  Sleeping outside seems to give me the best nights sleep I can possibly get.  I roll over and check […]

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Weathering The Storm

The black clouds had been swirling above me for at least an hour before the thunder started.  The forecast called for rainy weather all weekend but I had already foregone common sense and was three portages deep into my trip.  The thunder drew closer and intensified, the sky blackened like night, when suddenly a loud […]

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Family Camping: Silent Lake

My wife and I sat in front of my laptop, looking for a new and interesting place for a camping trip this year.  We spotted Silent Lake on the Ontario Parks website and I remembered reading about it in one of Kevin Callan’s books.  A quick look at my well worn copy of Weekend Wilderness […]

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Paddle Routes: Catfish Creek

I often spend a bit of time examining lakes and rivers in Southern Ontario on Google Earth and during one of these searches Catfish Creek (also known as Rush Creek from what I’ve read) popped up.  All I knew for sure was that the mouth of the river entered Lake Erie at Port Bruce and […]

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